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The website sportsguide.com is subject to the following terms and conditions when using the site. When a user visits our website, you accept these terms and conditions otherwise you have no longer access to use the website or the services that we offer.

If you do not speak English, you must still obligate by the terms and conditions listed below. Any time ‘we’ is referred to in the article it referees to ‘SportsOddsGuides.’

General T&C’s

SportsOddsGuides is an online gambling guide for bettors. It is published by The Wolf Of The Ltd and provides people with detailed content that can help them understand events, games and more and we help promote gaming operators’ offers to give our users value.

SportsOddsGuide understands that gambling is illegal for minors in countries across the world. If you are under the legal age of gambling in your country then please live the site immediately. 

When you visit SportsOddsGuide you agree to engage with the content and services of SportsOddsGuide only in accordance with the legislation of where you currently reside or are based. The visitor is responsible for knowing and respecting the laws of gambling that is in their country.

You as a visitor on the website agree to strictly personal use of SportsOddsGuide and should never attempt to get commercial use from it.

SportsOddsGuide has the right to change our Terms and Conditions at any time and we highly recommend to users that they review any updated versions that we post.

Intellectual Property

The trademarks, texts, logos, graphic elements, images, photographs, videos, computer graphics, databases, software, and source codes found on SportsOddsGuide are the sole intellectual property of SportsOddsGuide and may not be replicated or even used without the explicit approval of SportsOddsGuide, under punishment of both civil and criminal prosecution.

Any entire or partial depiction of SportsOddsGuide, its services, and its contents, without the specific authorisation of SportsOddsGuide is banned and would represent a recognised theft.


Our visitors are provided with gambling content that we think could help our readers, all the content that we produce here on SportsOddsGuide is created with the sole purpose of providing information to our users and there is no guarantee of accuracy in our content and we would never claim complete accuracy. SportsOddsGuide can not be held responsible if there happens to be any potential omissions, alterations or eros in the information or if we update it leading to possible consequences that could affect it, we can not be held responsible for any consequences that happen.

We understand here at SportsOddsGuide statistically that the majority of players who gamble will lose their money.

SportsOddsGuide has the right to update, change or delete any content or information that is placed on the website at any time. We do not have to store any specific backups of the data from the visitor but we recommend that the user takes the necessary steps in order to safeguard them.

Here at SportsOddsGuide, we can not be held liable for any consequential damages that you suffer from whether it is foreseeable or not this includes any losses of your revenue or profits, loss of data, loss of saving or any economic cost that you may suffer whether it’d be from negligence, breach of duty or otherwise.

You may find that SportsOddsGuide is a provider of links to certain websites that we do not belong to and the company does not control. The responsibility of SportsOddsGuide cannot be anyway committed to the use made from these external links.

SportsOddsGuide can not be held accountable or responsible if any external content even illegal is placed on our website, even if we have contained the link to the content.

Personal Data

We always strive to keep the privacy of any visitor of SportsOddsGuide, we undertake the process of handling and collecting plus processing any visitor’s personal information in accordance with the regulation respecting the protection of the person with regards to privacy.

Be warned that when you enter the SportsOddsGuide website we use the means of identification of its terminal an example being cookies.

Gambling-Related Risks

Sportsoddsguide.com is NOT a gambling operator but always recommends our visitors to bet responsibility and that gambling addiction is a serious affliction that we take seriously here. If you are displaying signs of addiction then take the first step by visiting the BeGambleAware website where you can find the necessary help.

Language of Terms

These terms and conditions are written in the English language, therefore, this language version shall be applied and if you see the version in any other language, we are not responsible for any language miscommunication.

Should there be any discrepancy between the English language version of these Terms and a version in any other language, then the English language version shall be deemed to apply.