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What Is The Premier League Assist Record In One Season

In the world of football, individual records hold a special place as they showcase exceptional skill and accomplishment. One such record in the Premier League is the assist record in a single season. Assists play a crucial role in creating goal-scoring opportunities, and breaking this record highlights a player’s ability to create chances for their teammates.

This blog explores the Premier League assist record in one season, diving into the remarkable achievements of players who have reached unprecedented heights in terms of creating goals for their team. We will examine the current record holder, the factors that contribute to setting such a record, notable players and seasons in the history of the Premier League, and the impact of this record on player reputations and team success.

Join us as we delve into the world of creative playmaking and discover the players who have left an indelible mark on the Premier League with their exceptional assist records.

Premier League Assist Record

The Premier League has witnessed some remarkable individual performances in terms of assists throughout its history. The assist record in a single season showcases the ability of players to create scoring opportunities for their teammates consistently. 

Currently, the record for the most assists in a Premier League season is held by Thierry Henry. During the 2002-2003 season, while playing for Arsenal, Henry recorded an astonishing 20 assists. His vision, precision passing, and ability to unlock defenses made him a key contributor to Arsenal’s attacking prowess that season.

Over the years, several players have come close to breaking Henry’s record, including Kevin De Bruyne, who recorded 20 assists in the 2019-2020 season for Manchester City. Other notable players who have made significant contributions in terms of assists include Cesc Fàbregas, Mesut Özil, and Frank Lampard.

The Premier League assist record reflects the skill, creativity, and playmaking ability of the players who have achieved this feat. It is a testament to their vision, decision-making, and ability to provide crucial passes to set up goals for their teammates. Breaking this record requires exceptional consistency and a deep understanding of the game.

As the Premier League continues to witness the emergence of talented playmakers, it will be fascinating to see if anyone can surpass Henry’s remarkable record and etch their name in the history books of the Premier League as the new assist record holder.

Factors Contributing to the Assist Record

Several factors contribute to a player’s ability to achieve the Premier League assist record in a single season. These factors include the player’s individual skill, teamwork, playing style, the quality of teammates, and the tactical approach of the team.

Individual Skill: Players with exceptional technical ability, vision, and passing accuracy are more likely to create scoring opportunities for their teammates. Their ability to read the game, make accurate passes, and provide key assists can significantly impact their assist record.

Teamwork: Effective communication and understanding between players on the field are crucial for creating scoring opportunities. Building a strong connection with teammates, understanding their movements, and anticipating their runs can lead to more successful assists.

Playing Style: Some players excel in specific playing styles that emphasize creativity and playmaking. Attacking midfielders, wingers, and deep-lying playmakers often have a greater chance of accumulating more assists due to their involvement in the attacking build-up.

Quality of Teammates: Playing alongside talented and clinical finishers increases the likelihood of converting assists into goals. Having teammates who possess excellent positioning, movement, and finishing ability enhances the player’s chances of achieving a high number of assists.

Tactical Approach: The tactical philosophy and system employed by the team can also influence a player’s assist record. Teams that focus on attacking play and creating goal-scoring opportunities tend to provide more chances for assists.

It is essential to note that while individual brilliance plays a significant role in achieving the assist record, it is often a collective effort that enables a player to reach such heights. The support of teammates, the coaching staff’s tactics, and the overall team dynamics contribute to the player’s success in accumulating a high number of assists in a single Premier League season.

Notable Players and Seasons

Several notable players have etched their names in Premier League history by setting impressive assist records in a single season. Here are a few notable examples:

Thierry Henry – Arsenal (2002-2003): Henry’s exceptional season in 2002-2003 saw him register 20 assists, setting a benchmark for creativity and playmaking. His vision, pace, and understanding of the game enabled him to provide key passes and create scoring opportunities for his teammates.

Kevin De Bruyne – Manchester City (2019-2020): De Bruyne’s incredible season in 2019-2020 saw him amass 20 assists, matching Henry’s record. His pinpoint accuracy in passing, ability to deliver crosses, and versatility in midfield made him a vital playmaker for Manchester City.

Mesut Ozil – Arsenal (2015-2016): Ozil had a stellar campaign in 2015-2016, where he recorded 19 assists. His exceptional vision, precise passing, and ability to thread through balls allowed him to set up numerous goal-scoring opportunities for his Arsenal teammates.

Cesc Fabregas – Chelsea (2014-2015): Fabregas enjoyed a fruitful season in 2014-2015, notching up 18 assists. His exceptional vision, passing range, and understanding of the game made him a key creative force in Chelsea’s title-winning campaign.

These players’ remarkable performances and ability to consistently provide assists showcase their playmaking prowess and contribution to their team’s success. Their individual brilliance and understanding of the game have set the bar high for future generations of creative players in the Premier League.

Impact of the Assist Record

The Premier League assist record in a single season holds significant importance in recognizing the creative brilliance of players and their impact on their respective teams. Achieving such a record showcases a player’s ability to consistently create scoring opportunities and contribute to their team’s success.

The record serves as a testament to the individual’s vision, passing ability, and understanding of the game. It highlights their contribution to the attacking prowess of their team and their ability to unlock defenses with accurate and decisive passes.

Furthermore, the setting of a new assist record often sparks excitement and admiration among fans and pundits. It generates discussions about the player’s exceptional performance and their role in the team’s overall success. It also adds a layer of competitiveness among players striving to break the record in subsequent seasons.


In conclusion, the Premier League assist record in a single season represents a remarkable achievement that recognizes the playmaking brilliance of individual players. It serves as a testament to their creativity, skill, and impact on the game, leaving a lasting legacy in the history of the Premier League.