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What Does NAP Mean In Betting

In the world of betting, there are many terms that can be confusing for beginners. One of these terms is “NAP”. In this blog post, we will explain what NAP means in betting and how it can be used to increase your chances of winning.

Origin Of The Term NAP

The term “NAP” has its origins in horse racing. It is said to have come from the French word “nappe”, which means tablecloth. In the early days of horse racing, a tipster would place his selection on a piece of paper and then fold it up into the shape of a tablecloth. This would be handed to the newspaper editor, who would then print the tip in the racing section of the paper. Over time, the term “NAP” came to be used to refer to the tipster’s best bet of the day.

What Does NAP Mean In The Betting World?

In betting, the term “NAP” refers to a tipster’s best bet of the day. It’s the horse racing equivalent of a “banker” bet, the selection that is considered most likely to win based on the tipster’s analysis. NAP can be used in other sports as well, such as football or tennis, to refer to a tipster’s top pick.

How To Identify A NAP Bet

Identifying a NAP bet can be a challenge, but there are a few key things to look out for. Firstly, look for a tipster or expert who has a strong track record of successful predictions. This could be through a website or social media platform that they regularly post on.  Another key factor is to look for a horse or team that has a particularly strong chance of winning. 

This could be based on a number of different factors, such as their form, the conditions of the race or match, and any other relevant information.  It’s also worth keeping an eye on the odds being offered on the NAP bet. In general, a NAP bet is likely to have shorter odds than other types of bets, as it is considered to be the most likely outcome.  

Ultimately, identifying a NAP bet requires careful research and analysis. By considering a range of different factors and taking into account the advice of experts, you can increase your chances of placing a successful NAP bet.

How To Place A NAP Bet

To place a NAP bet, you first need to research and identify a reliable tipster who provides NAP tips. A NAP bet is a wager on the horse that a tipster recommends as their strongest selection of the day. Once you have found a tipster you trust, you can then choose a bookmaker that offers NAP betting markets.  

Next, place a bet on the horse selected by the tipster as the NAP of the day. It’s important to consider placing an each-way bet to minimize losses if the horse doesn’t win. As odds can fluctuate leading up to the race, it’s also essential to monitor the odds and adjust the stake accordingly. 

Finally, place the bet before the race starts and keep track of the results. It’s important to understand that a NAP bet is not a guaranteed win, and it’s essential to bet responsibly and only gamble what you can afford to lose.

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Advantages and Disadvantages Of NAP Betting


  • High potential for profit: NAP bets are often selected by expert tipsters who have a high success rate in identifying winning horses.
  • Increased confidence: Placing a NAP bet can provide a greater sense of confidence in the selection, as it is often seen as the tipster’s best bet of the day.
  • Simplified betting process: By focusing on a single horse, NAP betting can be a simpler and less complicated betting strategy.


  • No guarantees: Despite the expertise of the tipster, there is no guarantee that the NAP bet will be successful, and it is possible to lose money.
  • Limited betting options: NAP betting typically involves placing a win-only bet on a single horse, which may not suit all types of bettors.
  • Odds can be short: As NAP bets are often seen as more reliable selections, the odds offered by bookmakers may be shorter than other horses in the race, reducing the potential for significant profits.


In summary, NAP betting is a popular form of betting in horse racing that involves selecting a single horse that is believed to be the best bet of the day. It is important to research and identify a reliable tipster, choose a bookmaker that offers NAP betting markets, and consider placing each-way bets to minimize losses.

Like any form of betting, NAP betting has its advantages and disadvantages, so it is essential to weigh the risks and rewards before placing any bets. Ultimately, NAP betting can be a fun and potentially profitable way to engage with horse racing, but it is important to approach it with caution and a well-informed strategy.