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Has Giroud Won Premier League

In the world of football, winning the Premier League is considered a great accomplishment. Olivier Giroud, a renowned striker, has had an impressive career and played for top clubs in the Premier League. This blog aims to explore whether Giroud has won the prestigious Premier League title during his career. 

We will delve into Giroud’s journey, examining his clubs, achievements, and the seasons in which he competed. By assessing his career, we can determine whether Giroud can be counted among the players who have secured the ultimate prize in English football. Join us as we unravel the story of Olivier Giroud and his quest for Premier League glory.

Giroud’s Premier League Career

Olivier Giroud, the French striker, has had a successful and eventful career in the Premier League. He joined the league in 2012 when he signed for Arsenal from Montpellier. Giroud quickly made an impact, showcasing his scoring prowess and physical presence on the field.

During his time at Arsenal, Giroud played a vital role in the club’s attack and helped them secure several top-four finishes. Although he came close to winning the Premier League title with Arsenal, they fell short in the highly competitive league.

In 2018, Giroud made a move to Chelsea, another prominent Premier League club. He became an integral part of the team, contributing with crucial goals and assists. With Chelsea, Giroud had a taste of success in domestic cup competitions, winning the FA Cup and the UEFA Europa League.

While Giroud has enjoyed individual and team success in the Premier League, he is yet to win the league title. Despite this, his contributions and performances have made him a respected figure in English football. Giroud’s journey in the Premier League continues, and he remains determined to add the elusive Premier League trophy to his list of accomplishments.

Premier League Title Winners During Giroud’s Career

During Olivier Giroud’s career in the Premier League, several teams have won the prestigious title. Let’s take a look at the Premier League champions during his time in England:

  • 2012/2013 Season: Manchester United
  • 2013/2014 Season: Manchester City
  • 2014/2015 Season: Chelsea
  • 2015/2016 Season: Leicester City
  • 2016/2017 Season: Chelsea
  • 2017/2018 Season: Manchester City
  • 2018/2019 Season: Manchester City
  • 2019/2020 Season: Liverpool

While Giroud has been a notable figure in the Premier League, he has not been part of a title-winning squad. However, his contributions to his respective clubs have been valuable, and he has played a significant role in their campaigns.

Giroud’s Honors and Trophies

Although Olivier Giroud has not won the Premier League title during his career in the English top flight, he has achieved success and earned several honors and trophies throughout his football journey. Here are some of the notable honors and trophies Giroud has won:

FIFA World Cup: Giroud was a key member of the French national team that won the FIFA World Cup in 2018. He played an important role in France’s success, contributing with his skills, experience, and goals.

UEFA Europa League: Giroud has won the UEFA Europa League with two different clubs. He lifted the trophy with Chelsea in the 2018/2019 season, where he played a crucial role in their victorious campaign. Giroud also won the Europa League with Arsenal in the 2012/2013 season.

FA Cup: Giroud has had success in the FA Cup, winning the prestigious domestic cup competition with both Arsenal and Chelsea. He lifted the trophy with Arsenal in the 2013/2014, 2014/2015, and 2016/2017 seasons. Giroud also won the FA Cup with Chelsea in the 2017/2018 and 2019/2020 seasons.

Community Shield: Giroud has tasted success in the Community Shield, an annual match between the Premier League champions and the FA Cup winners. He won the Community Shield with Arsenal in 2014, 2015, and 2017, and with Chelsea in 2020.

While Giroud’s collection of honors and trophies may not include the Premier League title, his contributions to his clubs and the national team have been recognized and celebrated. He remains a highly respected and accomplished player in the world of football.

Giroud’s Contribution to Arsenal’s Success

During his time at Arsenal, Olivier Giroud played a significant role in the club’s success, despite not winning the Premier League title. Giroud’s contribution to Arsenal’s achievements can be seen in several aspects:

Goalscoring Record: Giroud consistently provided a goal threat for Arsenal. He scored crucial goals and played a pivotal role in helping the team secure important victories. His aerial presence, physicality, and ability to score both inside and outside the box made him a valuable asset for Arsenal’s attacking line.

Assists and Link-up Play: Giroud’s ability to hold up the ball and bring his teammates into play was instrumental in Arsenal’s attacking style of play. He showcased excellent link-up play, often providing assists for his teammates to score. His ability to create scoring opportunities for others added a different dimension to Arsenal’s attacking play.

Teamwork and Work Rate: Giroud’s work ethic and commitment to the team were commendable. He was often involved in the build-up play, tracking back to defend, and pressing opponents. His presence and work rate provided a solid foundation for the team’s overall performance.

Leadership and Mentoring: Giroud’s experience and leadership qualities were valuable for the younger players at Arsenal. He served as a mentor and role model, guiding and supporting his teammates on and off the pitch.

Although Giroud did not win the Premier League title with Arsenal, his contributions to the team’s success cannot be undermined. His goal-scoring prowess, team-oriented approach, and leadership qualities made him an important figure in Arsenal’s journey during his time at the club.


While Olivier Giroud has not won the Premier League title in his career, he has achieved significant success and earned numerous honors and trophies. His contributions to both club and country have been remarkable, including winning the FIFA World Cup and several domestic titles. Giroud’s skill, dedication, and professionalism have made him a respected and admired player in the world of football. Despite not lifting the Premier League trophy, Giroud’s achievements and impact on the game will be remembered and celebrated throughout his career.