On the 29th of July at the Telford International Centre, a highly anticipated match is set to take place between Liam Davies and Jason Cunningham. Both fighters will be competing for 4 belts. The British super bantamweight title, the EBU belt, WBC and WBO International belts.

Liam Davies, a talented and determined boxer, has been steadily making a name for himself in the boxing world. With his impressive skill set and relentless drive, Davies has the potential to showcase his skill as he looks to progress towards a world title shot. His previous victories have demonstrated his ability to dominate the ring and adapt to various opponents’ styles. This has led him to win the British, European and WBC International titles.

On the other hand, Jason Cunningham is a seasoned fighter with notable accomplishments in his career. He is the former British and European champion. It is important to note that Cunningham didn’t lose the BBBoC and EBU titles in the ring. FCunningham brings both experience and confidence into the ring. Known for his speed, agility, and strategic approach, he poses a significant challenge to the younger Liam Davies. Cunningham comes into this fight defending his WBO International belt whilst looking to gain Davies’ three belts.

This bout between Liam Davies and Jason Cunningham promises to be a thrilling clash of skills and determination. The contrasting styles and accomplishments of both fighters will make for an exciting spectacle for boxing fans. While Davies aims to solidify his position as a world contender in the 122-pound division whilst Cunningham is looking to bounce back on the big stage following a brutal loss to Zolane Tete.

The outcome of this clash will ultimately depend on the strategies, resilience, and adaptability displayed by Liam Davies and Jason Cunningham in the ring.

Overview Of Liam Davies

As a boxer, Liam Davies not only possesses impressive physical attributes but also exhibits a disciplined and focused mindset. He constantly strives for improvement, both in and out of the ring, and maintains a strong work ethic to elevate his skills and reach the pinnacle of his division. With notable wins against Ionut Baluta and Marc Leach, Davies will be looking to add another domestic name to his list of victories.

Overview Of Jason Cunningham

Cunningham’s boxing style is characterized by his ability to effectively counterpunch and utilize his footwork to create angles and openings for his strikes. He possesses a strong boxing IQ and displays a high level of ring intelligence, making him a formidable opponent for any fighter in his weight class.

With his accomplishments and skills, Cunningham has garnered a significant following and respect within the boxing community. He continues to challenge himself by taking on tough opponents and aiming for titles once again. His hunger for success and determination to continuously improve have contributed to his standing as a top contender in the super bantamweight division.

Liam Davies Vs Jason Cunningham Prediction

This fight is a 50/50 fight. Although a lot of bookmakers have Liam Davies as a favourite, Jason Cunningham shouldn’t be written off. In our prediction, we believe that the experience and ring craft of Jason Cunningham is something that Liam Davies hasn’t faced before and this will lead to a decision victory for Jason Cunningham.

Liam Davies Vs Jason Cunningham Betting Tips

If you are looking to bet on this British showdown, follow some of our tips below:

  1. Bet on Cunningham to win via decision: We believe that Cunningham will win by decision. As he is an underdog in this fight, if you bet on Cunningham to win and he does appear victorious, you will make more of your initial bet.
  2. Monitor the odds and betting markets: Research different bookmakers in order to find the best odds possible for this fight. Find some bookmakers here.