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Liam Davies vs Jason Cunningham Prediction, Preview, Betting Tips Odds

Liam Davies is a professional boxer hailing from Telford, England. He has a record of 13-0 with 5 KO’s in his professional career as of September 2021. Davies is a skilled boxer who excels in the technical aspects of the sport. He has good footwork and a solid jab, which he uses to set up his power punches.  

Davies is known for his ability to adapt to his opponents’ styles and use his boxing intelligence to make the right moves in the ring. He has a good sense of distance and timing, allowing him to land effective counter punches and avoid his opponents’ strikes. 

In addition to his technical prowess, Davies has also demonstrated excellent conditioning and stamina, which allow him to maintain a high level of activity throughout the fight. He is not afraid to engage in the trenches and exchange punches with his opponents, but he also knows how to stay composed and stick to his game plan.  Liam Davies is a well-rounded boxer with a solid foundation in the technical aspects of the sport. He has the potential to make a name for himself in the sport of boxing and continue to climb the ranks in the coming years.

Jason Cunningham is a professional boxer from the United Kingdom. He has competed in the bantamweight and super bantamweight divisions and has a record of 31 wins (7 by knockout) and  7 losses.  Cunningham’s style is characterized by his quick footwork, agility, and counterpunching ability. 

He is known for his ability to move in and out of range, making it difficult for his opponents to land clean punches. Cunningham also possesses good defensive skills, using head movement and footwork to avoid taking unnecessary shots.  In addition to his counterpunching ability, Cunningham is also a crafty boxer who can adapt to different styles of opponents. 

He has a good understanding of distance and timing, which he uses to set up his own shots while avoiding his opponents’ attacks.  Overall, Cunningham’s style is one of a skilled counterpuncher who is difficult to hit and can outbox opponents with his footwork and timing. His ability to adapt and fight smart in the ring make him a tough opponent for anyone in his weight division.

Liam Davies vs Jason Cunningham Prediction

Liam Davies and Jason Cunningham are both talented boxers, but in a potential matchup between the two, I would favor Liam Davies to come out on top. Davies’ youthful energy and technical ability make him a formidable opponent in the ring.  Davies, from Telford, has an impressive record of 13 wins and no losses, and he has shown tremendous skill in both his offensive and defensive capabilities. He possesses quick footwork, excellent hand speed, and solid punching power. He also has a great sense of timing and distance, allowing him to strike his opponents effectively and evade their attacks. 

We predict Liam Davies to win.

Overall, while Cunningham is a solid opponent, I believe that Davies’ youth, speed, and skill would ultimately give him the edge in a matchup between the two.

Liam Davies vs Jason Cunningham Betting Tips

*odds correct at the time of publishing, subject to change.

Liam Davies To Win

Liam Davies is a talented boxer with a lot of potential. He has a great amateur record and has carried that success into his professional career. Davies has excellent footwork and head movement, which allows him to avoid getting hit and set up his own shots. He has a good understanding of range and uses his long reach to keep his opponents at bay.  Davies also possesses solid power in his hands, and can finish fights with his precise punching combinations. He has shown a willingness to engage in close-range exchanges and is comfortable fighting on the inside.