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Jake Paul vs Tommy fury prediction preview tips odds

The third time is a charm as we see Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury scheduled to fight on the 25th of February. While many boxing fans will turn their nose up in this bout, it makes for some top entertainment, Jake Paul has somehow found his way to be one of the most talked about names in the sport whether it’s good or bad, you cannot deny that he steals headlines. This will be Jake Paul’s first real test as he hasn’t taken on a professional boxer. He has fought both Tyron Woodley and Ben Askren who have fighting experience but in a much different realm.

Jake Paul made a career for himself on Youtube where he was mostly known for pranks, vlogs and more. He has embraced the boxing culture and mostly focuses himself now on the sport and has founded Most Valuable Promotions and has signed women’s fighter Amanado Serrano in 2021. He has had six bouts so far with 4 coming way of knockout, his recent win coming against former UFC fighter Anderson Silva. Jake Paul has expressed his interest in fighting Tommy Fury for a while and after two fights that fell through, it seems that this fight is now close to happening.

Tommy Fury who has a massive following on Instagram, found his fame through Love Island the reality TV show before which he was mostly known as Tyson Fury’s little brother. Born into a family of fighters, Tommy Fury was a pro boxer before the fame and has had years of experience in the ring. It has been a gift and a curse for Fury as while he has found a comfortable life from the success of Love Island, many boxing fans question if he is a real fighter much like the rest of his family. He is probably never going to reach the heights of his brother the elite heavyweight fighter Tyson Fury but he can have a respectable career.

This fight for Tommy Fury seems to be more of a personal bout as Jake Paul has taken multiple swings at Fury for a while through various social media platforms with Tommy Fury getting to the point where he said he’d fight him for free given the chance. This fight won’t enhance his career in any way but we can imagine he’d walk away with a tidy little purse from the fight and he gets the chance to shut up someone who has given him a lot of grief recently.

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury Prediction

Both fighters come into this fight undefeated with Tommy Fury having more in-ring experience with 8 bouts with a total of 4 knockouts. Tommy Fury also has a much richer history in the fighting game being born into it from a young age and bred to be a boxer by his father John Fury, they’ll be big expectations on Fury’s shoulders to easily put Jake Paul to rest especially given Jake Paul’s reality television background. Many people forget that Tommy Fury is still only 23 years old and still can improve a lot, he has a good build and a long reach which will be a massive problem for Jake Paul in this fight.

We predict Tommy Fury KO/TKO victory.

It would be a massive shock if Tommy Fury was beaten by Jake Paul. Tommy Fury with no disrespect to Jake Paul has proper boxing background experience and he is too big and long for Jake Paul to do any damage. We imagine that Tommy Fury will use his reach to frustrate Paul leading him to KO him later in the fight. It is surprising to see Jake Paul take a fight against Tommy Fury given his usual opponents are normally handpicked for him to beat. He has fancied his chances against Tommy Fury and might have a few tricks up his sleeve come fight day, you mustn’t forget Jake Paul is well-funded, time to train and access to high-quality trainers in the boxing world so people underestimate his skill but Tommy Fury will be too much for him on this day and we can see a KO.

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury Betting Tips

*odds correct at the time of publishing, subject to change.

Tommy Fury To Win

At the moment of writing this, Jake Paul has come into this fight as the early favourite which is bizarre given that Jake Paul has yet to fight any boxers whereas Tommy Fury has. You have to take into factor Fury’s pedigree as he has been surrounded by boxing his whole life. He has kept himself in great shape and has a long reach which makes him a dangerous opponent. Jake Paul is going to have a long night trying to get hurt Tommy as he will keep him away with the jab. These odds are too good to pass up as Fury should easily beat Jake Paul.