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Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia Prediction Preview Tips Odds

A match-up that the boxing world has been waiting for is Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia. This is Ryan Garcia’s biggest test to date as he faces Tank on the 15th of April 2023. Both of these fighters have been talked about as being the most exciting American boxers who are currently active with both being 135lbs, this has been a match-up that has been craved by boxing fans alike as both have very confident personalities and belief in their own skills, it’s bound to be a fight that you can’t miss!

Ryan Garcia is known for his fast hands and speed while landing accurate punchers will mean Davis will have to stay sharp during the fight but Garcia has never faced a stronger puncher than Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis. This fight is shaping up to be one of the biggest fights in recent boxing history. Gervonta Davis has had in his corner Floyd Mayweather one if not the greatest boxer of all time and fought under Mayweather Promotions for his career has now parted ways with Mayweather as he looks to continue his career.

There has been bad blood between Davis and Garcia with them exchanging words on social media on a frequent basis and in many interviews. Gervonta Davis will come into this fight as the favourite with Garcia being the slight underdog due to Tank’s experience in bigger fights compared to Garcia. Davis unlike Ryan Garcia has never been knocked down in his career, Garcia showed weakness in his fight against Luke Campbell when he was dropped by the British man in round two. Garcia knows he can’t be tagged as easy when it comes to fighting Davis due to his immense punching power.

That is not to say that Ryan Garcia has no chance in this fight given his unbelievable speed and longer range compared to other fighters Davis has fought in the past. This feels like a fight where all past bouts go out the window and we will see a proper boxing match against two talented fighters where anything can happen!

Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia Prediction

That’s not to say that we can’t give a prediction on the fight! Gervonta Davis is an extremely talented fighter and has had many pros, promoters and former professional boxers singing his praises but so has Ryan Garcia. Both fighters come into this bout undefeated. Garcia has 23 wins with 19 coming by way of KO and Gervonta Davis has 28 wins with 26 coming way of KO. Davis has held multiple world championships in three weight classes and is known to be one of the best fighters in the lightweight division.

We predict Gervonta Davis to win by KO/TKO.

We are going to go with Gervonta Davis to win by way of KO/TKO against Ryan Garcia. Garcia has yet to face a fighter of Davis quality and given Tank’s impressive punching power there is a good chance he’ll be able to catch Garcia. Ryan Garcia did well to get back off the canvas against Luke Campbell but he will not have the same opportunity against Gervonta Davis who is an elite-level fighter.

Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia Betting Tips

*odds correct at the time of publishing, subject to change.

Gervonta Davis To Win By KO/TKO

Gervonta Davis is known for his exceptional punching power and is rightly nicknamed ‘Tank.’ He has secured 26 KO victories in 28 bouts and is undefeated. Garcia has already shown he is capable of being knocked to the canvas during his fight against Luke Campbell where many boxing fans questioned if he would be able to compete against the likes of Davis. This is Garcia’s biggest test but if past fights are to go off then Davis has a great chance of winning this fight by KO/TKO.