In a highly anticipated matchup for the undisputed Junior Lightweight/Super Featherweight title, Alycia Baumgardner and Christina Linardatou are set to face off on July 15 at 8:00 PM in the United States for a second time. The bout will take place in Detroit, Michigan, at the historic Masonic Temple.

Baumgardner, with an impressive record of 14 wins and 1 loss, has established herself as a dominant force in the junior lightweight division. Her previous victories over Terri Harper, Mikaela Mayer and Elhem Mekhaled have led to her becoming an undisputed champion at 135 pounds and she will be looking to add another win to her impressive resume. Baumgardner’s skills and determination will be on full display as she aims to secure the title.

On the other hand, Linardatou, a formidable opponent in her own right, is coming into this fight with the intention of defeating Baumgardner again and claiming the championship for herself. Linardatou’s relentless style and experience in the ring make her a challenging adversary, and she will undoubtedly bring her A-game to this championship clash.

The Baumgardner vs. Linardatou 2 bout has garnered significant attention, not just in the boxing community but also among fans of the sport worldwide as the last time they fought, it was Linardatou who emerged victorious. Both fighters possess exceptional skills and a strong desire to emerge victorious. Their clash will undoubtedly be a thrilling display of technique, power, and heart.

It’s worth noting that the winner of this highly anticipated championship showdown could potentially set the stage for a future matchup against Katie Taylor or Chantelle Cameron, adding further excitement to the junior lightweight division.

As fight night approaches, fans from Fremont, Ohio, and beyond eagerly await the clash between Baumgardner and Linardatou. The undercard for this event will feature other notable fighters such as Juan Carlos Burgos, Richardson Hitchins, Montana Love, and Andy Cruz.

With the stage set at the iconic Masonic Temple in Detroit, will FANS bear witness to the crowning of a new champion or the triumphant defence? The world will be watching as Alycia Baumgardner and Christina Linardatou step into the ring to determine the future of the junior lightweight division.

Overview Of Alycia Baumgardner

Baumgardner’s fighting style is characterized by her combination of speed, technique, and aggression. She possesses excellent footwork, allowing her to manoeuvre in the ring with precision and create angles to unleash her devastating punches. Her defensive skills are equally notable, as she possesses good head movement and the ability to slip punches, making her a difficult target for her opponents.

This excellent fighting style has led to her becoming the undisputed champion at super featherweight with plenty of super fights waiting should she come through this defence.

Overview Of Christina Linardatou

Linardatou’s fighting style is characterized by her aggressive and forward-moving approach. She is known for constantly pressing the action and applying relentless pressure on her opponents. Linardatou possesses a high work rate and is constantly looking to dictate the pace of the fight.

One of the standout features of Linardatou’s style is her punching power. She possesses significant knockout power in her punches, and her opponents must be wary of her ability to finish fights with a single blow. Linardatou’s punches are often thrown with bad intentions, aiming to overwhelm her adversaries and force them into defensive positions.

It will be interesting to see whether it will be repeat for Linardatou or it will be Baumgardner’s revenge whilst also retaining her titles.

Alycia Baumgardner Vs Christina Linardatou 2 Prediction

Although in the first fight, it was Christina Linardatou who won via UD, by the time fight night emerges she would have only had 4 fights in 4 years. In the same time period, Baumgardner has had 8 fights (including this upcoming fight). This means that in our analysis, we believe that the activeness of Baumgardner will lead her to winning the fight via unanimous decision.

Alycia Baumgardner Vs Christina Linardatou 2 Betting Tips

If you are looking to bet on this world championship fight, follow some of our tips below:

  1. Bet on a Baumgardner decision win: Baumgardner is our pick to win this fight. This is why we believe you could follow our tip of putting a bet on Baumgardner to win via decision.
  2. Use a betting parlay: The Matchroom card which this fight headlines has some top fighters on including Raymond Ford and the debut of Andy Cruz. This is why you could consider betting on Baumgardner, Ford, Cruz and Souleymane Cissokho to all win to make more money.
  3. Monitor the odds and betting markets: Stay updated on the latest odds from different bookmakers in order to find the best odds possible to bet. Check out our chosen bookmakers here.